H+P VIRTUAL WEEK – October 4th, 2021


4 weeks until we light up the half marathon!  That means we go big for a few weeks, and then drop the volume and recover again.  Whether you’re doing the half or not, this is a good way to stay healthy and maintain consistency- but as always adapt based on where you are with your individual training.

For many of us, this week’s workout will consist of smashing the H+P Impromptu 5K- Check it out HERE. Either hit the segment on your own, or do it with us at our Wednesday night practice.

Workouts for the week (if you don’t intend on doing the 5K):

H+P FULL VOLUME WORKOUT  (5-10K option) (Last Block- Week 1 of 4)

15-25 minutes WU jog

5x100m strides, jog back to start

5′ jog

3-2-1-2-3 @ 5-10K effort, 90s easy

5′ jog

5-10′ tempo @ HMP

15 minutes easy CD

H+P HM and Marathon workout 

15-25 minutes WU jog

5x100m strides

5′ easy

15-20′ tempo @ HMP (or use the 5K at the chance to do this)

5′ easy

1-4×4′ @ 10K effort, easy

10-20 minutes CD jog


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