Our 2016 ENDURrun Women’s Team

The ENDURrun is a mere 4 weeks away!  We had an amazing time last year, but this year is shaping up to be even better.  As many of you know, H+P will enter several relay teams to conquer this week-long, 7-stage 160km race.

TODAY we are excited to introduce our 2016 H+P ENDURrun Women’s Team!


This year, our goal is to have our fastest women’s team ever, as well as break the all-female ENDURrun team record. The more exciting goal: beat every other H+P team!

endurrun womens team 2016-01

Stagegill 1: Half Marathon


Name: Gillian Willard
Height: 5’2
Proud PBs: 18:41 5k, 1:28 half marathon
Favourite Workout: Impromptu 5k track TT
Favourite Post-Run Reward: Gushers
Spirit Animal: Jerboa



Stage 2: 15km TT


Name: Erin McClure
Height: 5’8
Proud PBs: 16:27 5k – set when I was 16 and still chasing!
Favourite Workout: 2 or 1 minute repeats.. But in my mind any run/interval session is better than nothing!
Favourite Post-Run Reward: PB & banana crunchy wrap
Spirit Animal: Bear


Stage 3: Bechtel 30km


Name: Valery Hobson
Height: 5’4
Proud PBs: 20:20 5k, 3:13 marathon
Favourite Workout: Long runs, trail runs and 1 minute repeats
Favourite Post-Run Reward: Beer, wine & chocolate!
Spirit Animal: Turtle


Stage 4: 10-mile Wilmot


Name: Kailey Haddock
Height: 5’2
Proud PBs: 18:09 5k, 38:44 10k
Favourite Workout: 1 minute repeats
Favourite Post-Run Reward: Pretzels, Nutella and popcorn
Spirit Animal: Baby tiger


Stage 5: Chicopee 25.6km Alpine


Name: Emily Hunter
Height: 5’4
Proud PBs: 2:15 30km, 3:21 marathon
Favourite Workout: 2km repeats
Favourite Post-Run Reward: Lemonade
Spirit Animal: Unicorn

Stage 6: 10km TT


Name: Robyn Collins
Height: 5’2
Proud PBs: 19:41 5k, 10:53 3k
Favourite Workout: KM repeats
Favourite Post-Run Reward: Chips & donuts
Spirit Animal: Deer


Stage 7: Marathon


Name: Vicky Siemon
Height: 5’2
Proud PBs: 1:20 half marathon, 35:22 10k
Favourite Workout: Fartleks
Favourite Post-Run Reward: Beer & donuts
Spirit Animal: Ant – they are hard workers and team players!
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