Signing up in 2021

With COVID-19, we’re not sure to what capacity we will be able to provide our usual level of service.  So, all memberships are free in 2021!

Some have been asking to provide an option to donate, but we really want to keep it free given the uncertainty of next year.  Instead, if you wish to support and rep the club, we provided NEW, limited edition warm H+P gear that you can purchase.  That way, worst case, you have something nice and warm to wear even if we can’t do very much coaching!

CLICK HERE to sign up for free and place your order. 

The two options are a new H+P Winter Toque ($20) and a grey H+P Winter Fleece ($49).  This will be a limited edition, 1x order.  Check out the proofs HERE:

Thank you all and looking forward to training with you in some capacity in 2021!

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