VIRTUAL H+P: Week of April 13th

Before we get into training, let’s check out the results from the COVID LR challenge #3:


This was an absolute BRUTAL segment, so congrats to all who got it done!  Starting with a nice net-downhill 3.5K where runners could fly and slowly fill their legs up with lactate, things would then unavoidably go horribly wrong with 90 degree turn up the dreaded horror hill.  Kudos to Brendan for taking the W on the day with Sean and Jon going 2-3.  Greg Dyce just edged out Nick Burt by 1s, while David Wan all came in ahead of Tyler Struyk by the same margin.  Dave Rutherford put in a solid 4:02/K clocking for top masters (his 2nd of 3 COVID segment masters wins) with Tim Coleman, Trevor Bauman and Peter Van Driel also putting in great times.  Kayla was the top female and ONLY female who got it done this week- well done!  We’ve had a NEW female winner for every COVID segment!


Run solo, run away from crowded areas, and keep grinding!

Remember that this is a semi-custom plan, so modify it as you see fit based on where you are.  Review our general principles for this period of time HERE.


** Do on HILLY terrain

15-25 minutes WU shuffle

3-5x100m strides

15 minutes 10K-HM tempo

3-5 minutes easy

3-5xhard 40-90s hill reps, recovery back down

3-5 minuets easy

3-5x100m strides

10-20 minutes CD



** FLAT terrain.  Stay away from parks, tracks etc! 

15-25 minutes WU shuffle

3-5x100m strides

5 minutes steady tempo @ 10K-HM effort

3 minutes easy

5-8×2 minutes @ 5K effort, 1 minute easy

10-20 minute CD jog



  • Go easy, and aerobic at 15-20% from your normal volume
  • Incorporate THIS segment into your run 
  • Last week was an epically painfully mountain-top finish.  This one is BEYOND fast…and a great chance to hit a 1K PB!
  • PRO TIP: Start running hard before the start point, stop running well after the end point.  Do not go by the distance on your watch.  Every second will coupon on this one!




We recommend doing this routine 2x this week.  A good option is to do it on the same day as your run workout once you’re done (either directly after or later that night) to ensure you’re recovered enough to crush your legs for the next quality run.  This week’s workout is from Mark Cullen!   You can also check out a video of the routine on our Instagram. Here it is!


10 reps, 3 sets each side

Weight Bridges

12 reps, 3 sets

Hand Release Pushups 

15 reps, 3 sets

Overhead Press

10 reps, 3 sets

Single Arm Row

10 reps, 3 sets, both sides


Toe Touches (replace with front plank for this with lob back issues)

15 reps, 3 sets


Have an awesome week team, looking forward to seeing and hearing about how it all goes!



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