VIRTUAL H+P: Week of May 11th

Before we get started, let’s review the results from the H+P COVID challenge #7!

It was a longer segment, but we were pumped to see over 25 H+Pers tackle it(including some that don’t show up here).

On the women’s side, Candice took the W, with Coach Gill coming in second and Killer Kayla coming in 3rd.  On the men’s side, Jon R took his second W in a row with Coach Nick coming in second.  Massive congrats to Tristan on his 3rd OA- his hard work and mileage is paying off- one of a handful of H+PErs going next level during this COVID mess!

Dave Rutherford was the top masters athlete with Tim Coleman coming in second. Adam Shortt and Holger were not far behind making this masters battle an interesting one!

On the close-call front, athletes were a little more distributed this week given the longer segment duration.  Devon and Dave were the closest match-up with Devon taking it by 3s.  Jordan Schmidt and Mark Cullen were also fairly close with 4s between  them.  The fun battles between Tyler and David Wan continue with Tyler taking this one by 5s (disclaimer- Tyler did it as part of a 4x2M working, and David is just coming off of a marathon).

Congrats to all who got out of their comfort zone and got it done!

Training this week:

Here’s your week team!  Remember to post, tag us, tag your friends, post in our Facebook group…all of this helps to keep us connected and motivated.  Also remember that this is a semi-custom plan, so modify it as you see fit based on where you are.  Review our general principles for this period of time HERE.


** Do on HILLY terrain 

15-25 minutes WU shuffle

5x100m strides

3×6-7 minutes @ 10K-HM effort, 2.5 minutes jog recovery

5×45-90s hill repeats, jog back down

10-20 minute CD jog



** FLAT terrain.  It’s low volume so focus on hitting your paces.

15-25 minutes WU shuffle

3-5x100m strides, jog back to start

4 minutes tempo @ HMP

3 minutes easy

8-10 minutes tempo at HARD HMP

3 minutes easy

5,4,3 @ 5K effort, 2 minutes easy (option to drop the 5 minute rep)

10-20 minute CD jog



  • Go easy, and aerobic at 15-20% from your normal volume
  • Incorporate THIS segment into your run.
  • Last week was longer and a reasonably route to hit solid paces.  The theme of this week’s: What goes up, must come down. Study it carefully!



We recommend doing this routine 2x this week.  It was so good, the production value was so high, we’re going with the same one again today!

CLICK HERE for his video with an awesome appearance from a very cool little helper..

Have an awesome week team, looking forward to seeing and hearing about how it all goes!



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