VIRTUAL H+P: Week of May 4th

Before we get started, let’s review the results from the H+P COVID challenge #6!

What a week it was!  32 H+Pers tackled this slightly fast but definitely still challenging 1M route.  On the masters side of things, Vicki Z came in first for women in 6:19.  Dave Rutherford was the top masters athlete in 5:33 with Steve Tremblay not too far behind in 5:53.

Overall, Jessica K was the top female in 5:42 with Rebecca coming in 2nd in 6:00 and Laura 3rd in 6:03- what a close battle!  Overall, Jon R took away his first win of the COVID challenges in 4:42 with Sean coming in second, and Graham placing 3rd in 5:07.

There were also some crazy close finishes.  Some of the most interesting battles include Mark C and Dave tied at 5:33, Tristan and Greg Dyce tied in 5:24, Jessica K and Matt H separated by 1s (5:42, 5:43), Dave Wan and Adam Shortt departed by 1s (6:11, 6:12).

Training this week:

Here’s your week team!  Remember to post, tag us, tag your friends, post in our Facebook group…all of this helps to keep us connected and motivated.  Also remember that this is a semi-custom plan, so modify it as you see fit based on where you are.  Review our general principles for this period of time HERE.


** Do on HILLY terrain 

15-25 minutes WU shuffle

3 minutes tempo at HM effort- primer

3 minutes easy

15 minutes tempo at 10K-HM effort

3 minutes easy

3-5x60s hard hill repeats

3 minutes easy

3×2 minutes hard at 5K effort, 90s easy

10-20 minute CD jog



** FLAT terrain.  It’s low volume so focus on hitting your paces.

15-25 minutes WU shuffle

3-5x50m strides

1-2×3 minutes @ 10K effort, 2 minutes easy

5 minutes easy

4-5×3 minutes @ 5K effort

10-20 minute CD jog



  • Go easy, and aerobic at 15-20% from your normal volume
  • Incorporate THIS segment into your run.
  • Last week was a very painful, slightly cheating 1M sufferfest.  This week is a very fair, very legit 2M challenge- get your moustache ready, this distance is one of Prefontaine’s favourites!  Make sure to study the link above on desktop so you know where it starts, what direction it goes, about where it ends etc.
  • Interesting challenge note:  On average we would expect a 2M to be about 20-23s slower/mile than a 1M effort.  Can you come close to this despite the harder route?



We recommend doing this routine 2x this week.  A good option is to do it on the same day as your run workout once you’re done (either directly after or later that night) to ensure you’re recovered enough to crush your legs for the next quality run.  This week’s workout we’re going back to the session from Coach Will!

CLICK HERE for his video with an awesome appearance from a very cool little helper..

Have an awesome week team, looking forward to seeing and hearing about how it all goes!



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