The 3K Spring Blastoff has come and gone!  Thank you to everybody who got out of their comfort zone and lit up Carmel Koch.  The results were extremely deep is all categories (possibly the deepest ever for a club race).  It’s not the same as an in-person race, but it was super fun seeing the results transpire over the course of the week!

In the end we have 60 finishers with 4 athletes cracking 10, over 20 athletes cracking 11 minutes.  It was also great to see so many masters athletes get in on the fun- we had 25 athletes 40+ hammer the event.

Without further adieu, here are our results:


Women’s Side:

In the women’s race Vicky walked away with yet another win, finishing in 10:12 with new H+Pers Lisa and Diane rounding out the top 3.  Janice and Megan finished with exactly the same time in a tie for 5th OA!

The masters women’s race was extremely deep.  Julie was able to walk away with the win in 12:52.  A mere 1s separated 2nd and 3rd with Vicki finishing in 13:09, Crystal in 13:10.

In the 50+ women’s race, Lumi won in 13:11 with Tracy and Tracy tying in time (13:30) and name, rounding out the top 3!

Men’s Side

On the men’s side, new H+Pers Dan and Mike dominated, coming 1-2 with times of 8:48 and 9:02 respectively.

In the masters men battle, Bruce Grant really impressed with the win in 10:31- bonus points for doing this over the age of 60! Luke was a mere 5s back for 2nd, and Jon another 10s back for 3rd.

In the 50+ men’s battle, Bruce obviously took the W with H+P vet Dave Rutherford finishing close behind in 10:52.  Holger rounded out the top 3 in 11:39.


We also have to give props to our two 60+ finisher- Bruce Grant and Brian Hunter (16:33)- nice work boys!

Close Calls

When we see results this tight, it makes us wish this race happened in person!  Some of the closer battle included:

The battle for top 5 men or 9th was separated by 6s!

There was an exact tie for 5th place women with Holger coming out 1s ahead.Who would have won this battle between Geoff and Will?  Maybe one day we’ll find out!

This trio would have been epically close as well.

The race for 2nd place masters was separated by 1s with Lumi and Ashley right behind.

This 50+ Tracy vs Tracey showdown would have been an exciting one !

Thanks to everybody who got out and pushed their limits.  Onwards to L’Alpe du Pain and our upcoming Fiveby5 challenge!


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