H+P VIRTUAL WEEK -April 17th, 2023


Running Workouts for the week:

This is what we have coming up:

  • APRIL 22nd: H+P 10K/ Race-Day primer- it’s THIS WEEKEND!
  • May 20th- H+P’s This May be loopy Ultra!

It’s week 6 of this 6 week sufferfest- survive this week and you only have one to go until we drop the volume a bit!

H+P 22/23 Spring Block Week 6 of 6

10-15′ WU
5x100m strides

2 sets of:
8′ @ 10K-HM effort

2′ easy

2x90s @ 5K or faster, 1′ easy

4′ easy in between sets

10-15′ CD


10-15′ WU
2 laps of jog the corners, stride the straights

2 sets of:
2K’ @ 10K-HM effort

400′ easy

2x400m @ 5K or faster, 200m easy

400-800′ easy in between sets

10-15′ CD

*Tapering for our 10K?  Just do 1 set.

** Longer distance athletes- slow the 8′ down to HMP, the 90s closer to 5K pace and aim for 3 sets rather than 2.


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