H+P VIRTUAL WEEK – Dec 20th, 2021


No official in-person practices this week, but here are the workouts if you want to stay on track!

Looking ahead, what will workouts be structured for?  More to come, but it will be a combo of some early 2022 fun with H+P and Run Waterloo, Chilly half, ATB and Mississauga half and full.

Running Workouts for the week:

H+P FULL VOLUME WORKOUT  (all distances) Week 2 of 3

15′ easy WU
3′ tempo @ HMP- primer effort
5x100m strides
2-3×3′ @ 5K effort, 90s easy
5′ easy
1-4×2′ @ 3K effort, 90s easy
10′ CD

Cycling Workout from Physio Sayaka:

More to come in the New Year- stay tuned! For now feel free to pick up any of the old base-building workouts to keep some burn in the quads!

Strength from Physio Kayla:

*Always perform ~5-10 min of cardio warm up by walking/cycling and 1-2 warm up sets using the Olympic bar before placing weights on bar

Week 2 of 5:


Elevated split squat

  • 3×10/leg @ 10RM (heavy so that the last 1-2 are very effortful)

Single Leg Step up on a box (knee and hip at 90* angles) w/ Olympic bar + weight on shoulders

  • 3×10/leg 15RM (w/ good form be able to complete 10 reps)


  • 3×10 @ 10RM

High Knee TRX Row (lift one knee while performing row)

  • 3×20 (10/leg)

Core – 2x

  • TRX planks (front & side) x 30s each


Side lunges

  • 3×15/leg

Landmine squat to press

  • 3×12

Elevated push up

  • 3×12

Front Plank rollouts (can use ex ball)

  • 3×10

High plank w/ feet on exercise ball


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