H+P VIRTUAL WEEK – Jan 2nd, 2023


Running Workouts for the week:

This is what we have coming up:

  • H+P’s club 5K in mid-January (Details HERE)
  • Run Waterloo’s Re-Fridgee-8er (Details HERE)
  • The Chilly half: A big  A-goal for many, and a setup for other spring races the rest.

We’re into week 4 of our 12 weeks plan!

Just a reminder of what you can expect over the course of these 12 weeks:

  • 9 fairly tough- to-very tough workouts
  • 12 long runs, 6 of which will be very tough
  • 3 recovery/taper weeks

Let’s go!

H+P 22/23 Winter Block: Week 4 of 12

Workout Wednesday:

10-15′ WU
5x100m strides
3′ tempo @ HMP
3′ easy

15′ tempo @ HMP

5′ easy

1-3×3′ @ 10K effort, 90s easy

10-15′ CD


Beginner option: 18K easy

Advanced option: 20K with 4K+ 3 @ HMP/ effort, 2-3K recovery

This week is FTP Test Week! These are important to do so that the intensity of the workouts are targeted to your current fitness level. This makes the workouts more effective, and ensures that they are appropriately challenging. Don’t be surprised if your FTP is lower than your previous number. It is common for it to take a dip when you start your winter training.
When you join the Meetup, go to Menu>Workouts>FTP Tests>Ramp Test.


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