H+P VIRTUAL WEEK -June 12th, 2023


Running Workouts for the week:

This is what we have coming up:

The time to specifically build for the fall has come!  As always, modify these workouts for what works best for you and your goals- add or take away volume as needed.  BUT, generally, we will be targeting an early October peak which is 16 weeks away.

The first part of this 16-week build will be a 6-week block where we slowly start to add more volume and include more tempos.  This is where we will also start to deviate into HM-M focused workouts vs. 5K-HM focused workouts.  At the end of these 6-weeks, we get a nice little fitness test in the form of TRACKFEST!

Let’s get to work!

Week 1 of 6

15′ easy jog WU
5x100m strides

6-4-4′ @ 10K effort, 2′ easy
3-5′ easy
3′- 90s- 2′-90s-90s @ faster than 5K effort, 60s easy

3-5′ easy

Optional: 5-7′ tempo @ HMP

10-15′ CD jog


15′ easy jog WU
2 laps of jog corners, stride the straights

1M-1K-1K @ 10K effort w 400m easy

800m easy

800-400-600-400-400 @ faster than 5K effort with 400m recovery

800m easy

Optional: 1M top up tempo @ HMP

CD- your choice


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