H+P VIRTUAL WEEK -March 6th, 2023


Running Workouts for the week:

This is what we have coming up:

  • APRIL 22nd: H+P 10K/ Race-Day primer! Details TBA
  • Late April/ Early May- Various marathon and Half marathon A- Goals

Well, my friends, you did it, you survived our 12-week winter block and crushed Chilly…now it’s time to springboard off that into our major goals: The spring marathon (and half) season!  Our plan now is to have a slightly lower volume but still challenging workout this coming week, and then we really light it up for 6 weeks (with our largest volume yet), leaving us with 1 planned down week.  Make sure to tailor your down/taper week to our specific goal race!

If you raced this weekend but don’t feel quite recovered by the time you get to this workout, slow it all down to HMP, but still get the volume in. ENJOY!

H+P 22/23 Spring Block Week 1 of 8

10-15′ WU
5x100m strides
4′ HMP
3′ easy
3×2′ @ 5K effort or faster, 2′ easy
3′ easy
3×2′ @ 5K effort or faster, 1′ easy
3′ easy
3×2′ @ faster than 5K effort, 30s easy (OUCH)
10-15′ CD

21.1 K HMP- BOOM!

We are back with my favourite type of workout – overunders! Get that sting in the legs and try to flush it out during the 95% valleys.

4′ easy
4′ @75%
3′ @ 95%
4′ easy
3 rounds:
3x (2′ @ 95% / 1′ @105%)
7′ easy


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