H+P VIRTUAL WEEK – November 7th, 2021


A reminder from last week- With the offseason looming, our overall volume won’t be very high until the New Year.  That being said, we still want to maintain our hard earned fitness so we can hit the ground running in 2022.

Our next target is December 11th- the H+P Festive 5K Smash (save the date, details to come).  There will be a fun run or race option- either way it will provide us with a solid intermediate goal taking us into the holiday season.  6 weeks of straight 5K priming- here comes week 2!

Running Workouts for the week:

H+P FULL VOLUME WORKOUT  (all distances) Week 2 of 6

15-25 minutes WU jog

5x100m strides, jog back to start

2×3′ @ HM effort (slow for duration) 2′ easy

3′ easy

2-4×3′ @ 5K effort OUCH- should hurt! 2′ easy

15 minutes easy CD

Cycling Workout from Physio Sayaka:

  • Base building workouts #1


5’ ramp

30” @80%

30” easy

30” @85%

30” easy

30” @90%

30” easy

30” @95%

1’30” easy


35’ Aerobic cruise (up to 70%)


[15” burst (120%) // 1’45” @70%]



Strength from Physio Kayla:

Nov 8/21

  • Always perform ~5-10 min of cardio warm up by walking/cycling and 1-2 warm up sets using the Olympic bar before placing weights one bar
  • Don’t have heavy weights?  Use items around the house like books in a reusable shopping bag.  It may not be perfect but something is better than nothing!
  • RM= rep max
  • If you need clarification, let us know!
  • Aim to do each day 1x with at least 2 days off in between.
Day 1 – heavy weight Day 2 – lighter weight

·       3×10 @ 10RM (heavy so that the last 1-2 are very effortful)

TRX row or resistance band row

·       3×10


·       3×10 15RM (w/ good form be able to complete 10 reps)

Farmers March w/ DB in each hand

·       3 x30 metres

TRX planks or regular planks or elevated planks (feet up on step)

·       side, fwd x 30s each – 2 sets


Step ups (ht of step should be ~90* of knee flex when foot placed on step

·       3×15/side

Monster walks

·       3×10 steps/direction

SL calf raise

·       3×15/side

Side Lying w/ hip raise (abduction)

·       3×12/leg

Bird Dog

3×20 total


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