H+P Community Zwift Sessions

The time has come to light it up on our trainers once again.  These are free sessions open to anybody who wants in- H+P or not!

After leading 3 sessions/week last year, Jan is taking a break and focusing more on his own training this winter.  A massive thank you to him for putting in all of that work for us!  But do not fret, we have two leaders ready to keep our sessions rolling:

Michelle Lennox and Sayaka Tiessen!


Session #1

Tuesdays @ 6:00AM

Follow: M. Lennox H+P for your invite.


  • A stick-together ride on variable terrain.
  • Do the workout prescribed by Sayaka (see below), ride easy, or do your own workout.  Just use this as a way to get up and get some work in!


Session #2:

Thursdays @ 6:00PM

Follow: Sayaka Tiessen H+P for your invite (learn more about Sayaka HERE).


  • November 11th- end of 2021: Sayaka will be providing base-building workouts that we can all do together.
  • Starting January 6th: A ramp test and FTP boosting set of structured, progressive workouts to keep us fit and ready to smash the open roads come spring.
  • The Monday of every week Sayaka will post the workout file in the H+P Facebook group for you to download.  Complete it with the group or on your own!

All are welcome for these, H+P athlete or not.  Let’s get a good community of people riding and suffering together.  See you Zwift land!


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