H+P VIRTUAL WEEK – October 17th, 2022


Running Workouts for the week:

This is a buffer week- major goals in Toronto have been hit, and now we prime the legs for some fast 5Ks plus staying prepared for R2H.  If you raced this weekend, make sure to skip this workout and just rest OR jog if you’re feeling really good.  As always, modify as needed based on where you are with your training!

H+P FULL VOLUME WORKOUT: The final week! 

10-15′ WU
5x100m strides
3′ easy
2 sets of:
– 5′ @ 10K effort, 1′ faster than 5K effort
– 2-3′ easy in between each set, 1′ in between each rep
10-15′ CD


The track is officially done for the year…so sad, see you in 2023!


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