H+P VIRTUAL WEEK – October 24th, 2022


Running Workouts for the week:

The time start our next block begins!  This one is a little bit less crazy in terms of volume, but we’re keeping some solid intensity.  The idea is simple: Stay sharp to enjoy some late-season racing but also decrease the load so any small niggles we developed (whether you feel them or not) over our higher volume summer can heal.  This will make sure we’re still fit, but also healthy when it comes time to ramp up in the New Year!

H+P FULL VOLUME WORKOUT: Offseason-ish Block: Week 1 of 6

10-15′ WU
5x100m strides
4′ tempo @ HMP to wake up the legs
4′ easy
3-4-5-4-3 @ 5-10K effort, 2′ easy
10-15′ CD


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