H+P VIRTUAL WEEK – October 31st, 2022


Running Workouts for the week:

Week 2- let’s go!  Here’s our explanation from last week:  This one is a little bit less crazy in terms of volume, but we’re keeping some solid intensity.  The idea is simple: Stay sharp to enjoy some late-season racing but also decrease the load so any small niggles we developed (whether you feel them or not) over our higher volume summer can heal.  This will make sure we’re still fit, but also healthy when it comes time to ramp up in the New Year!

H+P FULL VOLUME WORKOUT: Offseason-ish Block: Week 2 of 6

10-15′ WU
5x100m strides
3′ tempo HMP to wake up the legs

Then the following:
3-1-1 (option to skip this set)
– the longer efforts @ 10K pace, the 1’s @ faster than 5K pace
– 60s in between reps, 2′ in between sets

10-15′ CD

It’s time for some FTP-boosting fun courtesy of physio Sayaka! This 8-week program will take you through 6 keys workouts, 1 FTP test and 1 massive TT effort at the end enduring you’re set up nicely to train hard in 2023.
  • The actual file will be posted in our Facebook Group for those who want to download it.
  • Follow Michelle Lennox H+P for the Tuesday 6 AM session!
  • Follow Sayaka Tiessen H+P for the Thursday PM session!
Warm Up:
5′ @ 50%
5′ @ 70%
3′ @ 95%
1′ @ 105%
4′ ez
Main Set

5x(4’@ 105%/4′ ez)

Cool down- your choice


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