H+P in 2023

It’s hard to believe, but another year has come and gone.  We’re looking forward to helping all of you in some capacity in 2023 as you try to hit your endurance sports goals!  Here’s what we have lined up!




  • The goal is a community-oriented club that is accessible to all- so we’re keeping it free of charge!
  • Register for the year HERE. No need to do so if you’ve registered in previous years.
  • There is the option to make a $40 donation when you register which will go toward prizes, keeping a stock of singlets, having some swag for our volunteers, etc.

(2) In-person workouts and runs 


  • We are adding to our free in-person workouts this year!
  • Workout Wednesday will still be our staple (Waterloo and Toronto)
  • As of now we also have Monday Trails and Saturday long runs!

(3) Virtual Workouts

  • Can’t make our workout Wednesday?  We are going to continue posting workouts all year round including the general reasoning behind it!
  • We will also keep our community going online in the Facebook Group, Rankings Page, e-mail updates, Strava club/ challenges and beyond.  Connect in all these ways HERE.
  • We’ll continue to add new members to HPRW, but if anybody wants to be removed from the rankings page, just let us know!
  • Make sure to check the requirements if you are going for a club record OR standard.



  • If you decide you need more personal help, we have two coaches ready to help.
  • Each have undergraduate and graduate degrees in all things human physiology and performance and have worked in healthcare for over 10 years.  Plus, they have both trained and competed in endurance sports for 20+ years!


  • Thees have been a lot of fun, so we’ll keep them rolling this year!

(6) Monthly team races/socials

(7) Winter Zwift fun

  • We’re going to keep this rolling into 2023 with some increased racing options- stay tuned!
  • Learn more HERE.


That’s it!  Things have grown in a huge way with the club over the last 11 years.  Use some, all, or none of these components to help achieve your goals and have some fun along the way.  Looking forward to seeing what 2023 brings to this amazing community!



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