We’ve already reviewed the half marathon and 5K results…now on to the cycling TT!

Cycling TT

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Just like most multisport courses out there, ours wasn’t exactly 40K either!  The finish line, just short of 40K, was chosen because it allowed for a safe yet painful hill-top sprint finish.  The event was super interesting to follow as so many different approaches were taken.  Some had full TT bikes/ set ups and went hard, while others had a less competitive bike and spun fairly easy.  Either way we had a great level of participation, and here’s how everybody stacked up:

Top 5 Women OA: 

Jessica threw down a massive winning time with Emily strong in 2nd.  Bonus points for Vicky finishing 3rd OA despite using a road bike and racing just minutes post- 5K and half marathon!

(1) Jessica Kupfer – 1:04:04

(2) Emily Hunter – 1:11:24

(3) Vicky Siemon- 1:13:08

(4) Candice Smith – 1:13:26

(5) Michelle Lennox- 1:14:41


Top 5 Men OA: 

Matt Harrop showed his winter of hard work is paying off big time with a massive win, proving he’s gone next level as a rider!  Luke and Mark were strong in 2nd and 3rd OA.

(1) Matt Harrop- 58:53

(2) Luke Ehgoetz- 59:58

(3) Mark Cullen- 1:01:50

(4) Jan de Visser- 1:03:17

(5) Sean Delanghe- 1:04:18

Top 3 Masters Men:

Strong rides by Luke and Jan put them comfortably 1-2.  Bryan road a very strong TT, holding off Merzi for 3rd OA.

(1) Luke Ehgoetz- 59:58

(2) Jan de Visser- 1:03:17

(3) Bryan Maier- 1:04:50

Top 3 Masters Women:

Huge props to Michelle on her convincing masters win.  All three women are also our top 50+ female riders, well done ladies!

(1) Michelle Lennox- 1:14:41

(2) Val Hobson- 1:19:51

(3) Heather Dixon- 1:34:54

Top 3 50+ Men:

Finishing as second OA masters, it’s to no surprise that Jan was 1st OA 50+ rider.  Huge props to Brian Hunter for finishing 2nd OA in the 50+ category despite being 60+ himself!

(1)Jan de Visser- 1:03:17

(2) Brian Hunter- 1:11:12

(3) Holger Kleinke- 1:15:00


The one and only- but we still have to give him the W!

(1) Brian Hunter- 1:11:12


Congrats to everybody who got out and got this done.  Whether you crushed it, or just went for a nice spin in the country side, it was great seeing so many teammates get out of their comfort zone and complete this component of the SVEC!

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