H+P SVEC RESULTS – Half Marathon

We’ve already reviewed the 5K results…now on to the half results!


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Despite the course being brutally hilly (and hot for many), we still had 39 athletes light it up with some PBs to boot!  Kudos to everybody who got outside of their comfort zone and finished this event to capacity.  Here is a summary of some of the top finishers:

Top 5 Women OA: 

What it battle it was with the top 3 all finishing within ~2 minutes of each other and only 12s separating 2nd and 3rd!

(1) Jessica Kupfer – 1:35:12

(2) Laura Puopolo – 1:37:03

(3) Vicky Siemon- 1:37:15

(4) Janice Cooper- 1:40:43

(5) Heather Dixon- 1:45:50

Top 5 Men OA: 

No majorly close battles in the top 5, but places 5-11 were all quite close including only 5s difference between Jon Finn and Ken.

(1) Sean Delanghe- 1:16:30

(2) Jonathan Redfearn- 1:18:58

(3) Graham Stonebridge- 1:22:21

(4) Nick Burt- 1:23:49

(5) Mark Cullen- 1:26:13

Top 3 Masters Men:

Now THIS was a close battle with less than a minute separating our top 3!

(1) Steve Tremblay- 1:29:21

(2) Jon Finn- 1:19:45

(3) Dave Rutherford- 1:30:15

Top 3 Masters Women:

Heather crushed this stage, while Michelle and Adrienne just ran it for completion!  Bonus points to these ladies for being both the top masters athletes AND the top 50+ female athletes.

(1) Heather Dixon- 1:45:40

(2) Michelle Lennox- 2:16:16

(3) Adrienne Farrell- 3:07:29

Top 3 50+ Men:

Once again, being 50+ does not mean the competition drop off!  Once again, out top 50+ runner in club history walked away with the W in 1:30:15.

(1) Dave Rutherford – 1:30:15

(2) Holger Kleinke- 1:38:58

(3) Jan de Visser -1:43:04


Brian Hunter repped the 60+ crew again with a 2:32:59 on a brutally hot Father’s Day completion of the stage.  Bonus points to coach Meredith for yelling at him to go faster throughout the entire thing!

Again, congrats and thank you to all who got out and finished this event to some capacity.  Thanks to Run Waterloo for most of these pics as well.  Next up we will breakdown the cycling results!

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