With the COVID-19 situation limiting our ability to train together and do any real racing, this was the next best thing: 3 individual events (5K, half marathon, ~39K cycling TT) and 2 combined events (run time + point-ranked multi sport).  If you haven’t already, check out the full details HERE.

We are super thankful to everybody who got out, enjoyed and supported the event to some capacity.  Whether you maxed out all 3 events, or just did a random combination for completion, all the social media posts and added competition depth contributed to the experience and made it better for the entire team.  This COVID-19 situation is not a big deal for some, but definitely a challenge for others.  We are super proud and impressed with how all of you have made the most of this event with positivity and grit.

All that being said, after 10 days of suffering, our final results are finally all in and tabulated (Give coach Gill a high-five for spending time she doesn’t have for taking care of this)!  We are going to be releasing the summaries in phases.  Today we’re going to start off with the 5K!


CLICK HERE – full results 

In the end, over 50 athletes completed the 5K to some capacity.

Top 5 Women OA: 

This race was extremely deep with 5 women going well under 20:30!

(1) Rachel Hannah – 17:59

(2) Vicky Siemon- 18:06

(3) Jessica Kupfer- 19:29

(4) Laura Puopolo- 20:02

(5) Emily Driedger- 20:14

Top 5 Men OA: 

With some of the top men out or coming back from injury, this competition was more up in the air.  Jon put major pressure on Coach Sean finishing only 10s back, while positions 3-5 was less than 10s apart!

(1) Sean Delanghe- 16:14

(2) Jonathan Redfearn- 16:24

(3) Graham Stonebridge- 17:37

(4) Jordan Schmidt- 17:40

(5) Mark Cullen- 17:46

Top 3 Masters Men:

As always, this was a super deep battle among H+Pers with 8 masters men going sub 21.  It was a huge challenge to even crack the top 3 with Steve Tremblay being the one to make the cut.  Massive tragedy in Jon Finn missing the segment (aka Dave Wanning the segment) by ~10m otherwise would have had a fighting chance here.

(1) Luke Ehgoetz -18:24

(2) Dave Rutherford – 19:17

(3) Steve Tremblay – 19:22

Top 3 Masters Women:

Our top masters women was dominated by out 50+ ladies- amazing!  Bonus points to Dr. Dixon for hitting this achievement while working beyond too much throughout this COVID-19 crunch.

(1) Heather Dixon- 22:17

(2) Michelle Lennox- 26:33

(3) Jocelyn Pedersen- 27:42

Top 3 50+ Women:

To no surprise, Heather and Michelle are on this list.  Massive props to new-comer Adrienne for cracking the top 3 on her second attempt.

(1) Heather Dixon- 22:17

(2) Michelle Lennox- 26:33

(3) Adrienne Farrell – 35:09

Top 3 50+ Men:

Did you think things get easier in your AG when you turn 50?  Well, even for a fun, local club race..apparently you’re wrong!  To no surprise, our best 50+ runner in H+P history came on top in this one.

(1) Dave Rutherford – 19:17

(2) Jan de Visser- 20:54

(3) Holger Kleinke- 21:19


Brian Hunter repped the 60+ crew and threw down a very solid 26:11!

Again, congrats and thank you to all who got out and finished this event to some capacity.  Thanks to Run Waterloo for most of these pics as well.  Next up we will breakdown the half marathon results!

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