H+P this may be loopy ultra 2.0 has come and gone!

When we created this event, we expected less than 5 attempts..and in the end, we had close to 20 with a handful making it way further than we ever thought possible.  We also had something we weren’t 100% sure we’d ever see- our FIRST OFFICIAL FINISH!


If you don’t know what the event was all about, check out the rules here.


The seemingly unthinkable happened for the first time ever- Ed Heuang became our first official finisher, completing lap 11 in 38 minutes (under 5:00/K for 8K after 80K of racing).  He proceeded to walk his final 8K (plus a top up) to hit 101K on the day- check out his activity HERE on strava!


Our top 3 rounded out with:

Lydia Geng threw down yet again just as she did in 2023.  She was out top woman on the day and was able to hit 9 loops + 6K for 78K on the day!

Ken Cooper had a very strong race, rounding out our top three hitting 8 laps + a 4K top up for 68K on the day.

Let’s check out our FULL RESULTS:


Edmund Heung (101K)

9 laps

Lydia Geng (78K)

8 laps

Ken Cooper (68K)

7 laps

Tyler Struyk (56K)

Paula LaGamba (56K)

Jack Kilislian (56K)

Julia Christian (56K)

Max Willich  (56K)

6 laps

Jeremy Ferguson (48K)

Kurt Schreiter (48K)

4 laps

Ian Grzegorczyk (32K)

Dave Pooley (32K)

Tyler Dalton (32K)

3 laps

Chris Ladubec (24K)

2 laps

Andrew Aaron (16K)

Sean Delanghe (16K)

Val Strambu (16K)


We also wanted to thank Runners’ Choice Waterloo for donating prizes for the event- our top 3 finishers received a Maurten Prize Pack and those who finished 8 loops were entered into a draw for a $50 gift card..and that winner is: LYDIA GENG!

We also have to thank the My Next KW Home Group team for hanging out with us all day, supplying shelter and a massive amount of nutrition/ carbs/ fluids for us! Make sure to check them out for all your real estate needs!

This year, we found it actually is possible to complete the full event.  But questions still remain- when will our first woman finisher take on the course?  And will be ever get a race between multiple athletes on the final lap?  Time will tell!


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