The inaugural H+P this may be loopy ultra has come and gone!

When we created this event, we expected less than 5 attempts..and in the end, we had close to 20 with a handful making it way further than we ever thought possible.  While nobody 100% completed this epic challenge, many DNF’ed way further along the process than expected.  Here is a complete summary of how it went down:


If you don’t know what the event was all about, check out the rules here.


By far, the top finisher on the day was Lydia Geng.

She managed to complete the initial 6 hours without issue, and proceed to crush another 4.5x8K loops on pace for a total of 84K on the day.  She WAS in fact on pace halfway through her final lap, but simply (and understandably) had nothing left.  Had she finished this final 4K in under 5:00/K, she would have made the final checkpoint and could have finished the final 8K at any pace to be the first and only to ever complete the full TMBL distance– easier said than done!

Make sure to check out her activities and give her some props HERE.

Keeping Lydia company for the first 64K was Ken Cooper (2nd) and Coffee (3rd).  Both were able to hit the 64K checkpoint on time (Coffee pushing his limits, getting in with 1′ to spare).

Honourable mention to Tyler Struyk who did make it 64K, but just missed the 64K checkpoint.


10 laps

Lydia Geng (84K)

8 laps

Ken Cooper (64K)

Coffee Umanetz (64K)

7 laps

Tyler Struyk (~63K)

Mitch Wilson (54K)

6 laps

Jack Kilislian (52K)

Vicki Zandbergen (52K)

Paula LaGamba (50K)

Jeremy Ferguson (48K)

Andrew Aaron (48K)

4 laps

Mark Roest (~35K)

Dusan Mataruga (32K)

3 laps

Val Strambu (24K)

Chris Ladubec (24K)

2 laps

Will Spaetzel (16K)

Meredith Hunter* (16K)

Sean Delanghe (16K)


We also wanted to thank Runners’ Choice Waterloo for donating prizes for the event along with all the H+P members who donated money at the beginning of the year to allow for more prizing.

We also had many members come out to cheer on these crazy runners making it a super social, less isolating day- thank you for that!

In the end, this event worked out better than expected…but is it even possible for one, or many runners to make it to the final lap?  I guess we’ll have to do it again to find out!


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