H+P VIRTUAL WEEK -Sept 18 2023


Running Workouts for the week:

FALL FINALE BLOCK- WEEK- WEEK 3 of 6 (Big week 3 of 4)

  • IT’S GO TIME!  Our final big block of 2023.  These workouts will be tough, so make sure to stick with the minimum in the range (or less) if you haven’t been following along the entire time.
  • This block will include 4 massive weeks, followed by 2 taper-isa weeks.  As always, modify as needed if your race schedule doesn’t match up with ours!

15′ easy jog WU
5x100m strides
5-5-4-4-3-3′ hard  10K effort with 2′ easy in between each
5′ easy
2-4×1′ harder than 5K, 1′ easy
10-15′ CD jog

Marathoners: Do the full first set, and replace the 1′ repeats with 1-2×8′ @ HMP with 3′ easy


15′ easy jog WU
2-3 laps of jog the corners, stride the straights

1200, 1200, 1K, 1K, 800, 800 @ 10K effort, with 400m easy in between each

800m easy

2-4x400m hard, 200-400m easy

CD- your choice

Marathoners: cut out the 400’s and add 1-2x2K @ HMP


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