2018 Holiday Party

It’s hard to believe, but another year has come and gone with the squad.  To celebrate a year of fun, hard work and success, we kept our holiday potluck tradition alive.  It was a packed house this year…


AND the competition in the potluck challenge was fierce….

BUT after a vote from the team, the winner of the BEST dish went to Cari Rastas Howard for her booze-infused pudding!

For her hard work she got a great prize from our food sponsor My Next KW Home Group/ Mike Hewitson! 


We were also excited to announce a few new incentives for 2019.  These include:

The introduction of the H+P PB Awards.  Read more HERE and watch them as they pour in HERE.

We also added official 50+ team records AND ENDURrun club records.  Check them out HERE.  So far Dave Rutherford is the man to beat!


This party also played host our 2018 MVP voting and awards.  This year, we have over 40 DIFFERENT athletes receive at least one vote which perfectly demonstrates the range and depth of leaders and inspirational athletes on this team!  This year the top finishers WERE:



(runners up: Nick Burt and Graham Stonebridge)



(runners up: Val Hobson and Michelle Lennox)

Thank you all for helping to make our club what it is!  For their contributions, the MVPs were awarded with prize packs from our apparel sponsor, Saucony Canada along with a free membership to RunWaterloo in 2019!


Our party also would never be complete without an ugly sweater/holiday attire challenge!  Once again this event was sponsored by Saucony Canada.

This year we had a runner up performance from Meredith Hunter:

BUT, the top prize went to an elite level performance from the selfie machine, Terry Edwards!


Finally, we finished off the evening with a festively ruthless holiday relay competition.  We’re talking pushups, egg nog chugging, trivia challenge madness!  The team was NOT afraid to to push their limits…

There were a number of surprising performances, but in the end only one team can take home the prize from our friends at Saucony Canada…

Congrats Nick, Luke, Mark and Jessica on your W and Saucony prizes!

Thanks for a great year team.  Cheers to all of our accomplishments and good times together, see you in 2019 (and multiple times/week in the meantime)!


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