The time has come to start announcing our ENDURRun squads!

It’s hard to believe… but this will be our largest contingent ever!  12 teams consisting of 84 athletes ready to suffer, do battle and have fun!  We have some record breaking attempts along with many fun challenges within our teams lined up.  Here’s how all the rosters look along with associated PBs and performances:

H+P Men’s D

Do not let this team name deceive you- this squad is ready to crush some major goals!  With 5 runners capable of running sub-20 5Ks, and two capable of running sub 19, they are definitely primed to take down the men’s D team from ’18 as well as hold their own in the masters vs the World Challenge.  They also have some personal bests that will undoubtedly be challenged.

Half Marathon: Ola Mabifa (22:18 5K PB)

15K TT: Steve Schmidt (18:58 5K PB)

30K Trail: Thaddeus Homewood (1:26:01 half PB)

10 Miler: Brian McGrath (19:15 5K PB)

Chicopee:Brandon Thompson (41:48 10K @ Waterloo Classic)

10 000m: Matt Harrop (18:31 5K PB)

Marathon: Jeremy Ferguson (23:52 100M @ Sulphur Springs)

H+P Men’s C

With a squad like this, it’s safe to safe the H+P men’s team is deeper than ever.  With multiple athletes holding 5K PBs in the 17’s, 2 of the 4 athletes who made it to the Trackfest elimination mile final, and many repeating stages they know well, these boys are primed to take down the men’s C team from last year and challenge the men’s B team until the bitter end.

Half Marathon: Mike Piazza (1:26:07 half PB, 17:58 5K PB)

15K TT: David Wulff (18:23 5K PB)

30K Trail: Tyler Struyk (19:56 5K PB)

10 Miler: Nate Van Heyst (1:35 half PB)

Chicopee: Ken Cooper  (1:29 half PB)

10 000m: Josh Lucrezi (17:47 5K PB)

Marathon: Ian Grzegorczyk (17:34 5K PB, 1:25 half PB)

H+P All Fit No Quit

H+P All Fit, No Quit is a hardy group of runners who are all in the best shape of their lives.  Most of these athletes have been training together all year long and are ready to tackle some huge personal goals.  They are also going to try to take down previous Funatics teams as well as do battle vs. Team Boss and Team Dalton (below).

Half Marathon: Kristina Prell (25:19 5K PB)

15K TT: Jocelyn Pederson (57:06 10K PB)

30K Trail: Charlotte Vasarhelyi (10:54 100K PB)

10 Miler: Julie Guenther (24:15 5K PB)

Chicopee: Meredith Hunter (1:59:07 half PB)

10 000m: Jenn Tomlinson (49:37 10K PB)

Marathon: Will Spaetzel (24:46 5K PB, 1:54 half PB)


H+P Team Dalton

H+P Team Dalton is a strong mixed squad ready to do combat in the Dalton vs. Boss challenge.  They will also be facing off against H+P All Fit, No Quit.  They have a number of strong masters runners along with ENDURrun rookie  and team captain Tyler Dalton holding things down on Chicopee, as well as a strong anchor in David Wan.

Half Marathon: Manny Jones(21:26 5K PB)

15K TT: Mark Roest (1:54 half PB)

30K Trail: Heather Caron (57:48 10K PB)

10 Miler: Jeremy Haak (in for Lindsay) (21:11 5K PB)

Chicopee: Tyler Dalton (20:41 5K PB)

10 000m: Chantelle Thompson (1:41 half PB)

Marathon: David Wan (40:03 10K PB)


H+P Team Boss

H+P team Boss is a super strong mixed team that includes some top RW team members (Jordan, Laura, Mike), a H+P hall of famer making a comeback (Helen), and of course is anchored by ENDURrun rookie, Trevor Boss.  This team has a number of personal goals, but of course wants to challenge team Dalton and All Fit, No Quite to the end!

Half Marathon: Jordan Schmidt (in for Kristin Marks) (16:26 5K)

15K TT: Mike Hewitson (46:39 10K)

30K Trail: Nur Andi Setiabudi(47:20 10K)

10 Miler: Helen Broom  (1:36 half)

Chicopee: Isabel Urrutia (48:23 10K PB)

10 000m: Laura Hewitson (24:45 5K PB)

Marathon: Trevor Boss (1:36:49 half PB)

H+P Masters Men’s B

With our masters roster getting deeper and deeper, it’s no surprise that our masters men’s B team is getting faster every year.  With 6 of the 7 athletes being capable of running a sub-20 5K any day of the week, they will definitely be keeping the pressure on the masters men’s A-team.  Other goal include taking down the masters men’s B-team from last year and holding their owning the Masters vs the World challenge!

Half Marathon: Steve Tremblay (in for Sam Lalonde) (19:30 5K PB, 1:32 half PB)

15K TT: Greg Pogue (1:28:26 masters half PB)

30K Trail: Coffee Umanetz (2:27 Bechtel PB)

10 Miler: Brad Schroeder (19:05 5K PB, 1:32 half PB)

Chicopee: Jody Rice (2:47 Chicopee PB)

10 000m: Jan de Visser (19:30 5K PB, 1:27:12 half PB)

Marathon: Holger Kleinke (1:26:10 half PB, 3:04:02 marathon PB)


H+P Masters Men’s A

With every single H+P masters and 50+ record holder on this team, it’s safe to say this is our most stacked masters men’s squad ever.  Their goals will be to (1) challenge on the overall podium and show the young guns what’s up (2) take down their event record which currently is our 6th fastest time ever and (3) just hold their own in the Masters vs The World Challenge.

Half Marathon: Luke Ehgoetz (17:24 5K PB, 1:23:48 half PB)

15K TT: Larry Bradley (29:05 8K- current club record)

30K Trail: Jon Finn (1:22:55 half PB)

10 Miler: Robert Gudzak (1:24:05 half PB)

Chicopee: Jon Fugelsang (16:38 5K PB, 35:29 10K PB, 1:19:50 half marathon- club records)

10 000m: Merzi Dastoor (18:24 masters PB)

Marathon: Dave Rutherford (2:57:34 marathon PB- club record)

H+P Masters Women’s Team

We’ve mentioned it before, but it’s hard to believe that there was a time when we couldn’t fill a women’s team.  Now, we have enough depth to fill a super stacked masters women team that includes a recent ENDURrun Ultimate Champion in Vicki Z!  Their goal will be to take down the masters women’s record and also hold their own in the Masters vs The World team challenge!

Half Marathon: Tracey Kuchma (1:46 half PB)

15K TT: Colleen Caplin (1:35:37 half PB)

30K Trail: Tracy Urquhart (1:38:40 half PB)

10 Miler: Heather Dixon (1:20 PB on this course)

Chicopee: Michelle Lennox (3:31 Chicopee PB)

10 000m: Melanie Lynch (23:35 5K PB)

Marathon: Vicki Zandbergen (19:11 5K, 3:16 ENDURrun marathon PB)

H+P Men’s B-Team

Is it just us or is this team a little too stacked to be a B-team? with 5 of the athletes holding 5K PBs in the 17-something range, and plenty of endurance and course knowledge, these boys most definitely are going to be keeping the pressure on the men’s A-team.  Other goals include taking down the B-team from last year and battling in the Women’s A + Men’s B vs. Women’s B + Men’s A challenge!

Half Marathon: Andrew McAlorum (1:22:43 half marathon PB)

15K TT: Mark Cullen (1:22:28 half marathon PB)

30K Trail: Reza Saputra (3:01:47 marathon PB)

10 Miler: James Rhydderch (36:38 10K PB)

Chicopee: Adam Dixon (3x Chicopee finisher, 2.5x blowing up)

10 000m: Dylan Munro (17:57 5K PB)

Marathon: Alex Tohivsky (16:53 5K PB, 1:20:54 half marathon PB)

H+P Women’s B-Team

We are super pumped about this squad!  It’d hard to believe there was a time when we couldn’t even complete a full women’s team, and now we have a TWO super strong squads.  These athletes will be looking to (1) crush the B-team from last year  (2) help throw down in the Women’s A + Men’s B vs Women’s B + Men’s A challenge and (3) Keep the pressure on the women’s A team.

Half Marathon: Catherine Schmidt (1:33:05 half marathon PB)

15K TT: Michele Studhalter (1:36:11 half marathon PB)

30K Trail: Janice Cooper (1:32:56 half PB, 2:37:07 Bechtel PB)

10 Miler: Lindsay Howes  (in for Joan Chung) 

Chicopee: Anne Aschwanden (1:36:11 half PB)

10 000m: Amanda Hutchings 

Marathon: Rebecca Kruisselbrink (3:22:49 marathon PB)

H+P Men’s A-Team

The women, masters women and masters men have all done their part- the one last challenge that H+P has never been able to conquer is the very tough overall relay record of 11:05!

It seems doable, but as we have learned, lining up 7 different athletes to run at their best on different days in totally different events is not an easy task.  This year, we are also using 2018 ENDURrun Ultimate 2nd OA finisher Aidan Rutherford as a back up for a few of our runners in the squad who are coming back from injury.  With 5 of the 8 athletes with 15-something 5K PBs, and plenty of course experience…there’s a good (but far from guaranteed) opportunity to take down the event record!  This team will also be competing for a club record AND in the Women’s A + Men’s B vs Women’s B + Men’s A challenge!

Half Marathon: Sean Delanghe (1:12:05 half PB, 32:40 10K PB)

15K TT: Jon Redfearn (15:25 5K PB)

30K Trail: Graham Stonebridge (15:58 5K PB, 1:16:22 half PB)

10 Miler: Greg Cartmell (2:37:59 marathon PB, 1:50 30K PB)

Chicopee: Greg Dyce (2:12 Chicopee PB)

10 000m: Brendan Hancock (15:34 5K PB, 32:36 10K PB)

Marathon: Nick Burt (16:26 5K PB, 2x ultimate top 5 finisher)

EXTRA: Aidan Rutherford (15:58 5K PB, 2nd OA 2018 ENDURrun ultimate)

H+P Women’s A-Team

This is a very different roster than last year with only 2 returning members!  YES we are missing some great runners including our multi-record holder Erin McClure, but we have some new editions (Emily, Candice), some returning talent (Vicky, Robyn) and to top it off, every single one of these ladies is approaching the best fitness of their life.  Their major goals will be to (1) take down the event record (2) challenge for a podium spot (3) challenge for some stage records and (4) Hold their own in the Women’s A + Men’s B v Women’s B + Men’s A challenge.  Here’s how the roster stacks up:

Half Marathon: Vicky Siemon (1:21:02 half PB, ’15 ENDURrun ultimate winner)

15K TT: Erin Fox (1:00:39 15K at this race in ’17)

30K Trail: Emily Driedger (Team Canada World XC team as a junior, 2:34 Chicopee PB)

10 Miler: Candice Smith (39:25 10K PB)

Chicopee: Val Hobson (2:25 Chicopee PB, ’18 ENDURrun ultimate winner)

10 000m: Robyn Collins (38:29 10K PB, 1:24:59 half PB)

Marathon: Gillian Willard (3:07 marathon PB, 17:43 5K PB)

More rosters to come soon…