2019 Road2Hope

What a day it was at Road2Hope!  The fast course and cool conditions always sets the team up for some PBs…but some H+Pers really knocked it our of the park this time!  Here’s how we did:

On the Saturday, we had some epic performance in the 10K and 5K:

Our top finisher was Ian G with a massive new PB of 37:19.  This makes him OFFICIALLY the 2nd ever 5-star PB award winner (more to come on this).

Robyn- surprise, surprise- crushed another race!  She posted a very strong 38:21 PB good enough for another club record (more to come here too).

Nur’s strong season continues as well- he ran 44:36 good for another PB!

In the 5K, Joan Chung crushed a B-standard placing 5th OA in 18:42.  Janelle Zwart also performed well running a solid 25:17.


Marathon and Half Marathon

Our Results 

In the marathon, Ken Cooper had a very solid breakthrough performance, finishing in 3:09!

Rebecca CRUSHED her PB, hitting a 3:14- good for the 9th fastest female PB in H+P history.

Mitch Cameron also ran very string, finishing his first marathon in 4:21!

In the half, it was a clean sweep of PBs for the team INCLUDING:

A 1:20 C-standard PB for Aron Grant.

A 1:37 PB for Tyler Dalton.

A 1:40:04 PB for Christine.

A 1:41 career best for Katherine.

A 1:55 PB for Meredith Hunter.

And an awesome 2:22 PB for Alicia.

Congrats all, what an amazing day!



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