H+P VIRTUAL WEEK – March 21st 2022


Here’s what we have lined up…

March 26th- Run Waterloo 5K

March 27- ATB

May 1st– Missauga Half/Full

Anytime in May: H+P this MAY be MADNESS ultra 

July 30th– H+P Trackfest is BACK

Running Workouts for the week:

H+P FULL VOLUME WORKOUT  (Block 3 week 4 of 4

Time for a recovery week!  Still a tough workout, but a nice little rest leading into ATB and the Run Waterloo 5K!  Even if you’re not racing, take the break- consistency over time is what matters!

  • 5K- HM Athletes
10-15′ WU
5x100m strides
12-18×1′ @ 5K + effort, 1′ easy
10-15′ CD
Modification for Marathoners (totally different):
10-15′ WU
5x100m strides
2-3×7′ @ HMP, 3′ easy
10-15′ CD


Cycling Workout from Physio Sayaka:

March 24 – RACE WEEK (ATB)


15’ progressive warm up, gradually building to 75%


2x(20’ between 75-90% / 3’ easy)



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