2019 Multisport Club Championships

For the first time every (surprisingly), H+P took part in the 2019 multisport club championships!  Points are awarded based on placing OA and in AGs with no cap on the number of athletes who can score points.  This was a super fun introduction for us, and as our participation in this event grows, we shall be a force to be reckoned with! Here’s how we did:

Olympic Triathlon:


Check out our full results HERE.

Luke was our top finisher with a time of 2:02, good for 4th OA.

Mark was in next with a solid 2:08:39, with Aaron Grand 3s behind in 2:08:42- coming in 14th and 15th OA.

Jessica was our top female in 2:11, placing 2nd OA, while Emily came in with a solid 2:31 placing 12th OA for women.

Devon had a solid debut in the triathlon world coming in with a time of 2:39!

Sprint Triathlon 

Tracy had a strong performance in her return to triathlon, placing 32 OA in a time of 1:22.

Sprint Duathlon

Check out our full results HERE.

Jan came in first for the team, but didn’t get an accurate time since he didn’t even put ON his chip.  #rookiemistake

Steve Schmidt crushed the course in 1:04 good for 7th OA.

Terry Edwards finished in 1:13, good for 17th OA.

Michelle had a very strong 1:16 performance placing 7th OA female.


Congrats team, and thanks for repping H+P with pride!  Onwards to a stronger showing with more participants in 2020!

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