With the 5K, half marathon, cycling TT and combined results done…we’re onto our final event: The multisport!

With the distance ratio being skewed toward running compared to traditional triathlons/duathlons (~39K cycling, ~26K running), in order to give the cycling oriented multisport athletes more of a fair fight against the run-oriented multi-sport athletes, we used a point system rather than total time.  On the other end of the spectrum, those who aren’t blessed with the best cycling technology (cough Meredith), wouldn’t be as penalized as they normally would be when it comes to the combined results.

The points worked kind of like a combination between a decathlon and cross-country running rankings.  Add your your individual rankings in each event, lowest score wins.  You automatically get a last place score in the bike if you don’t complete it which provided extra incentive to get out and spin the bike for those who otherwise wouldn’t have- and it worked!  Here’s how everything stacked up:


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Top 5 Women OA: 

(1) Jessica Kupfer – 37 points

(2) Vicky Siemon- 38 points

(3) Laura Puopolo- 65 points

(4) Emily Hunter- 77 points

(5) Janice Stronebridge- 81 points

Top 5 Men OA: 

(1) Sean Delanghe – 7

(2) Mark Cullen – 13

(3) Luke Ehgoetz – 24

(4) Jon Redfearn – 35

(5) Graham Stonebridge – 36

Top 3 Masters Men:

(1) Luke Ehgoetz – 24

(2)Merzi Dastoor- 40

(3) Steve Tremblay- 49

Top 3 Masters Women:

(1) Heather Dixon- 85

(2) Michelle Lennox- 99

(3) Adrienne Farrell- 119

Top 3 50+ Men:

Finishing as second OA masters, it’s to no surprise that Jan was 1st OA 50+ rider.  Huge props to Brian Hunter for finishing 2nd OA in the 50+ category despite being 60+ himself!

(1) Dave Rutherford- 55

(2) Jan de Visser- 57

(3) Holger Kleinke- 70


The one and only- but we still have to give him the W!

(1) Brian Hunter- 92


That’s it for the results.

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